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GEOWRX's specialized services provide valuable expertise on complex projects. By constantly working in challenging and unusual environments, our teams of skilled professionals are some of the most capable in the industry. Pushing boundaries and building on what we've learnt over 35+ years, GEOWRX's technical adaptability and project success has only become broader and more affirmed. 

High Angle Geotechnical Stabilization


GEOWRX’s specialized drilling and grouting solutions, combined with our rope access team, provide effective and cost-efficient solutions for various type of drilling projects in high angle and remote access locations.

Types of drilling:

  • Anchors

  • Soil nails

  • Drainage

  • Shotcrete

  • Blasting

  • Structural



Decades of experience installing all types of mesh systems in many different types of terrain, from roadside installation to alpine environments. We have performed installation with the use of cranes, helicopters, and rigging techniques.

Our teams are experienced installers of the following  mesh:

  • Geobrugg

  • Deltax

  • Tecco

  • Spider

  • Maccferri

  • Dt

  • Hea panels

  • Ring net



We provide scaling services for any type of terrain including:

  • Check scaling

  • Air bagging

  • Trim blasting

  • inspections


We have experience installing many different types of barriers depending on specific project needs and specifications.

Rock barriers

With decades of experience installing all types of rock fence systems, ranging from 100kJ to 5000kJ fences in all sorts of terrain supported by both helicopter and conventional lifting equipment. We have installed systems for all the major manufacturers in our industry.

Avalanche Barriers

We have installed a wide range of avalanche system, from traditional, to the 'umbrella' system predominantly across Europe and in alpine terrain.

Debris flow system

We have installed debris flow systems of every major manufacturer in our industry.



GEOWRX's shotcrete services offer solutions to any stabilization project by  both conventional means or without use of heavy lifting equipment.

Dry mix solutions:

  • Fibre reinforced

  • Steel reinforced

Wet mix solutions: 

  • Fibre reinforced

  • Steel reinforced 


Remote Access Solutions

Rope Access



Bridge inspections


Training Programs

Training for confined space and high angle rescue



Shotcrete anchors



Inspection, Testing & Guiding 

Inspection & Testing

We provide inspection services for the inspection of all geotechnical stabilization systems and work areas. Fully documented, recorded and categorized depending on your needs.



We provide industrial guiding services in the geotechnical terrain, allowing for a safe passage or inspection of non rope access ticketed personnel. We provide such service under legislation, and can guarantee fast evacuation and evacuation solutions for your inspection project.


Project Management & Integration

Project Management & Integration

Offering an in-depth project management package to suit every client's needs. Here at GEOWRX, we aim to provide clear and precise direction that helps keep your project on track by transferring our technical know-how and integrating it with other systems. Thanks to our extensive experience in Project Management, we are able to provide smooth project turnover, maximizing efficiency and ensuring safety.


Our services include fully detailed integration, scope, schedule, management, cost and quality-control, resource management, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management plan.

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