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About Us 

What We Do 

The GEOWRX Group is construction company specialized in servicing construction projects in challenging terrain. The company’s services and strategic partnerships provide solutions for a variety of industries including industrial sites, railways, mines, remote construction sites, and of course remote access areas. Bringing capable project solutions, integration and project management experience, strategic partnerships, and 35+ years of on the ground industry experience, GEOWRXs' operations have grown to become integrative, adaptable, and indispensable for project success.

Our Values

Making small business big!

GEOWRX aims to provide opportunities to others who want to achieve big things whilst maintaining the same values we've always had as a family run business.

Safety above all in, protecting our employees and providing clients with low-risk, high-efficiency operations. Adding Value, GEOWRX is proud to work as an industry innovator, creating safe, cost-effective and adaptive solutions to any project. 

Our Commitment to You

In this industry being prepared for unexpected challenges is a must which is why we go above and beyond to understand your needs and expectations. Maintaining great lines of communication and building relationships with those we work with is something we at GEOWRX take pride in. 

Our Founder

Our company founder has been working in geotechnical stabilisation industry for the past 35+ years. His passion for outdoor adventure and respect for the mountains as a young man developed into a business in which he, and his team, take pride in securing and preserving the fragile environment we live in. 



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Meet The Team


Sarah Reid 

Marketing & Communications Director. 


Nicolas Champion

Company Operations Director.

We Have The Solution

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